The nation of Akriton is undergoing rapid change, both from the recent manifestation of surreal dungeons born from a distorted sublayer of reality, and from the meteoric ascent of the adventurers’ guilds who have mastered these dungeons and reaped the profits. The guilds aren’t just a rising power, they have practically surpassed the old nobility and the elected governors.

The new guilds are eccentric organizations, as you might expect of institutions founded by mismatched groups of outsiders. And Death Mantis is one of the most eccentric. Their archon is dead and returned from its grave; the same is true of many of their Founders. It’s a guild with a headquarters that aggregates lost bits of architecture from the mazescape beyond, with an appeal to the morbid and fatalistic and black-humored.

The Death Mantis draws interesting people. And they in turn have interesting stories.


Tales from the Death Mantis